Squirmy is a map theme in PopTag!. As their names suggest, Squirmy-themed maps contain many roaming creatures known as Squirmies. Squirmy maps are located in a grassy environment.

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Squirmy maps are mission-based, meaning that the player may win through unconventional methods. Teams are divided by an impenetrable wall(s). Creatures known as Squirmies roam the map. Squirmies come in three variations:

  1. Small and green. They do not kill the player when touched.
  2. Large and purple. They kill the player when touched.
  3. Large and golden. They drop Lucci when killed.

The object of the mission is to send all Squirmies to an opposing team's side by capturing them in bubbles and KO-ing them. A team completes a Perfect Win when it has removed its side of all Squirmies. If the timer runs out before this is achieved, the team with the least number of Squirmies on its side wins. If a player is knocked out during the game, he or she will revive at a random spawn point after a few seconds.

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There is currently no Squirmy theme in KartRider.

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