Plunk is a character in the Crazy franchise.

Crazy Arcade Edit

According to the Korean Crazy Arcade website, Plunk's area of specialty is Blast, or high water balloon blast radius.

Stats Edit

  • Count: 1/9/10
  • Blast: 2/8/10
  • Speed: 4/8/10

Luxury Kephi Edit

In the Korean version of Crazy Arcade, an upgraded form of Plunk, called Luxury Kephi, is available for purchase via NX at the Pop Shop. Luxury Kephi generally possesses higher stats than regular Plunk.

Stats Edit

Count: 2/?/10 Blast: 1/?/10 Speed: 2/?/10

CrazyRacing KartRider Edit

Plunk is a playable character in KartRider.

In other languages Edit

  • Korean: 케피(rr: Kaepi; Kephi)
  • English: Chunk (Global KartRider only)