Lucci is the one of the two currencies in the Crazy franchise, and the primary in-game currency. The other is NX (Cash). Lucci can be used to purchase goods at shops.

In the games Edit

In PopTag! Edit

Lucci can be obtained in games. It is usually found by breaking soft blocks. In Monster Mode, Lucci can also be obtained by killing enemies, including the Boss. In Zombie Mode, it can be found in treasure chests that may drop when Zombies are killed. Gold rooms containing many Lucci bags and coins may occasionally appear in rooms run by players with Empirical Cards.

In-game Lucci appears in seven different forms:

  • Bronze Coin: 10 Lucci
  • Silver Coin: 20 Lucci
  • Gold Coin: 50 Lucci
  • Bronze Bag: 100 Lucci
  • Silver Bag: 200 Lucci
  • Gold Bag: 500 Lucci
  • Mystery Bag: -1000 Lucci or 5000 Lucci

An in-game Lucci's value doubles if the player has a Double Lucci Card.

Furthermore, Lucci can be obtained outside of games, such as through Quests and Events, as well as through the trading and selling of items at a Trading and Chatting channel.

In KartRider Edit

Lucci can be obtained by participating in games, completing Quests, Missions, and Events, having one's balloon popped in-game, or directly collecting Lucci coins in Bonus rounds.