Kart is a map theme in PopTag!. Kart-themed maps often feature sandy go-kart track environments.

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Kart maps are mission-based, meaning that the player may win through unconventional methods. All Kart maps feature four numbered tiles ("1", "2", "3", and "4") and a start/finish tile ("Start"/"Finish"). The procedure for completing a Mission Win on a Kart map is as follows (the player must be riding on a Kart mount item):

  1. Touch the "Start" tile.
  2. Complete three laps. Each lap consists of touching each of the numbered tiles in numerical order.
  3. Touch the "Finish" tile.

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  • Due to the placement of blocks and characters in Kart 06, the map is highly popular for use in macro-based Jambangs.

KartRider Edit

KartRider is based on the concept of kart racing. However, there is no specific Kart theme in the game.

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