BnB, short for Bombs and Bubbles, is one of the five games offered by the Korean version of Crazy Arcade at some point in its history. It is the first to have been introduced in the series.

History Edit

Crazy Arcade originally featured only BnB when it was released in South Korea in 2001. After the other four games in Crazy Arcade (Tetris, Hidden Catch, Dizzy Pang, and Bz) were removed, the name "BnB" was replaced by "Crazy Arcade" in the Korean version.

Gameplay Edit

BnB is based off of the Bomberman series.

Playable characters Dao · Diz · Moss · Melvin · Evie · Boz · Ike · Plunk · Lodumani · Santa Claus
Modes of play PvP · Monster · Battle
Map themes Bunny Farm · Camp · Cemetery · Cookie · Desert · Factory · Forest · Ice · Kart · Mine · Moola · Ocean · Pangland · Pirate · Tomb · Village · Xmas · Zombie
Monster Mode Raid themes Octopus Raid · Penguin Raid · Seal Raid
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